NixM Handcrafted produces bespoke mahogany boxes for serious coin collectors in all shapes and sizes using nothing but the best seasoned mahogany.

All boxes are constructed using classic finger joint / dovetail joinery because these are designed to be heirloom items that will last a very long time.

The bases of all our boxes are attached using mortise and tenons instead of simply glueing them together, and this will add to the strength of the other joints utilised in the box construction.

Throughout 2021 we will be producing different styles of box and even incorporating elements such as precious metals, design elements, drawers, hinges, lockable versions and lots more!

the photos below briefly illustrate the care and attention to detail that goes into producing these heirloom coin boxes.

Selecting the best mahogany stock:

Creating one style of joint:

Example of the dovetail joinery used:

Laying out the coin recesses:

Constructing the trays:

Forming a box lid:

Refining the box joints:

Sanding to a fine finish:

Producing the mortises for a base:

Many different sizes:

The all important assembly stage:

Fitting optional box handles:

Final stages of construction for one of the boxes: